Insurance and Financial Calculators

Calculate your insurance requirements on your own - for your present needs as well as for the future. Make use of the other financial calculators to determine the state of your finances, and manage your income, expenses and savings in a better way.

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Insurance Calculators: Easy-to-use and handy tools

  • Life Insurance Calculator:

    A comprehensive tool that gives you an estimate of how much life insurance you need.

  • Disability Insurance Calculator:

    Find out how much income protection you'll need in case you lose your ability to earn.

  • Long Term Care Calculator:

    A useful tool that helps you assess the right funding required in long term care insurance.

  • Dental Insurance Calculator:

    Pick a dental insurance that assures a fair dental care cost.

  • Home Insurance Premium Savings Calculator:

    Calculate saving of premium payments by choosing a higher deductible with your home insurance.

  • Sports Injury Calculator:

    A calculator is designed to assess the possibility of an injury for athletes or for other sportsmen.

  • Body Mass Index Calculator:

    This device is meant to figure out your height to weight ratio to give you a gross estimate of your health.