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by lakemen » Sun Mar 26, 2006 02:36 pm
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What is AmPmInsure?

It is a community committed in helping people understand Insurance using a step-by-step guide with shared customer discussions. It is providing a platform for the community to discuss, debate and document the information available. We are not an Insurance company but a community.

Why AmPmInsure?

Our insurance related decision are influenced by our friends or relatives who themselves were influenced by similar individuals. There is a dearth of understanding among the insurance buyers and AmPmInsure as a community is trying to educate the buyers. It will address the following issues,

  • Convincing individuals that Insurance knowledge is inevitable.
  • Dividing the Insurance term into simpler terms and courses to create a scheduled customer educational package. Each section will be handled by a group of community members supported by guides and “check your knowledge” sections.
  • Community experiences with different Insurance companies, attorneys, agents and lawyers. This will help us weed out the bad ones.
  • Expertise articles on optimization of Insurance policies with customer feedback on what worked better.
  • Helping community to file a class lawsuit against fraudulent companies.

How AmPmInsure is different?

This is very unique from other existing Insurance platforms as we are community not influenced by any Insurance company and thus an unbiased approach to every move. The other differentiations are:-

  • No one assumes or defines the need, it is defined at run time by the community members and thus together we find the current sorted need.
  • It is not only expert theories or advices but practical customer feedbacks which makes it perfect for use. Every user is a writer here.
  • No barrier in participation as the community is owned by the community. Guides are community managed, community discussions are moderated by community members and every aspect of the site is managed by the community.
  • It is not based on creation but evolution and it goes better with time with the help of community participation.

How can I be a part of the community?

You can register with the community for free and enjoy the participation model.

How can I earn with the community?
We also have a revenue sharing model where the community members earn together. As a community we have always tried to give back to our members something in return of their hard work and dedication while they participate and post in the forums. Here are the 5 ways of earning with the community.

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