What is a fair demand for my uninsured/underinsured claim?

by Guest » Fri May 31, 2013 01:03 pm

21 Months ago I was rear ended while stopped at a red light. Very little damage to the vehicle but I was turned speaking to my son in the back seat. It was a hit and run. I initially treated the injury with Chiropratic care, steroids, massage therapy, and spinal injection. Long story short, the accident caused a bulging/herniated disc in my L4-5 region and I had to have surgery (lapindectomy?) to have a portion of the disc removed. After surgery I am doing physical therapy.

I am 39 (37 at the time of the accident) and over the last two years I have stopped playing basketball, golf, and many other physical activities. I dealt with almost constant pain and numbness in my legs over the last 21 months. It has affected my physical intimacy with my wife and created a very sedentary lifestyle. I have been diagnosed with a 10% permanent impairment. My total billed medical expenses are roughly $27,000 and I have about $1,500 in lost wages.

Because it was a hit and run I am making a one time claim against my insurer under my uninsured/underinsured policy and I am trying to determine where to start. I have about $12k of unpaid expenses (healthcare provider needs paid back. Auto medical paid the rest).

My initial thought was 3x total billed medical expenses + wages and unpaid medicals for a total of about $91,000. Am I way off?

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Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 01:43 pm Post Subject:

MY first question... what are your UM limits?

Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 08:38 pm Post Subject:

My uninsured/underinsured limit is $100k

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 04:44 am Post Subject:

What you also need to factor in is possible future medical treatment. I'd say $91k is a good starting point. I'd not expect to be offered that amount at any point, especially if this is your opening demand.

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At what point should I turn them down and go to an attorney? $65-70k? One other thing of note. I do have an IME initiated by my insurance company that confirmed the medical issues.

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It's up to you.... no one here can tell you what your injury is worth as it requires much more details. However, I'd you are probably in the correct range. Consider this... your attorney can't get more then $100k from your policy. The attorney keeps 33% of this which leaves you $66k. Do you think you could get $66k or more? If you can, they attorney would be a complete waste of your money. Feel free to do your best at getting at least $66k, If you can get this or more then an attorney will get be stealing money from you.

Also, if any medical expenses have not been paid then feel free to move forward with settlement but right before you do, contact the unpaid medical providers and see if they will reduce your bills. You can expect to get them reduced by 20% -50%.

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Update. I submitted my claim for about $92k with $27k total medical expenses, $3k lost wages, $10k unpaid medical (most reimburses my health insurance). I received the offer from my insurer today. $33k. They figured $24k of medical expenses, $3k lost wages, 10k Unpaid medical, and $20k pain and suffering. So where we disagree is pain and suffering.

Am I being low balled? Is this just part of the game that has to be played to get somewhere in the middle? Thoughts? I really feel about $60-65k is where I need to be. I have an IME ordered by my insurer that states all injuries are a result of the accident and my Doctor says I have a 10% permanent bodily PPI rating. Advice?

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Stick to your numbers and see if they will come up. If not, you may be forced to retain legal counsel and sue.

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But how do I respond? Another letter to say that I think there offer is too low? Do i write another demand letter? What?

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Do i write another demand letter?

Not so much a "demand letter" but one of two choices:

A) Ask how they arrived at their numbers. They owe you an explanation.


B) Lay out your reasoning for your numbers. Avoid getting "emotional" (i.e., omit things like, "I haven't been able to sleep at night thinking about the accident, etc). Unless you have medical documentation (such as visits to a sleep specialist, psychiatrist, etc.). Stick to facts and lay out your case. Medical Expenses $37,000 (itemize your numbers to be specific, whether paid by insurance or not), lost wages $3000 (again, be very specific) = $40,000. Pain and suffering ($40,000 x 2 = $80,000 . . . or x 3 = $120,000), and see what they respond with.

Understand that any expenses paid by your medical insurance are subject to being repaid to that insurance company by you.

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