How to deal with accident insurance adjuster???

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What are the key areas of concern prior to your dealing with an accident insurance adjuster?

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How do you deal with anyone? Same way.

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The accident adjuster is given a set of criteria in which to settle your loss. Some may lean to the high side, some always to the low and some play down the middle, some a combination. But why would you take advice from the very people who owe you money to tell you how much money you are owed when the concept and requirement is that you prove your loss? The policy has limits if it is your policy, but if the insurance adjuster to whom you are referring contractually is required to settle a loss on behalf of another insured, your loss may exceed the limits of their policy. Under tort law, they are required to make you whole.

A link to a consumer advocates view of the make whole doctrine can be found at this link.

A legal link to the make whole doctrine for all fifty states is found by googling "make whole doctrine " and then clicking the similar link below. I couldn't make this link work when copy and pasted into this message.

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Well, I guess the most important thing is to study the strength of your claim. A better knowledge of the strong and weaker points in your claim would surely help you to negotiate. Remember that your evidences must comprise of the following-

* The accident report

You could avail it at the police station by paying for it.

* Statements of witnesses

You could avail their identities from the accident report itself.

* Pictures of the site

You should have all the necessary photographs concerning the damages as well as the injuries.

* Statement of loss

You should have detailed account of all the damaged items and the missing ones.

Once, you have collected the above-mentioned items, it would be easier for you to show a proper estimation of your losses. Now. all you need to do is to write a cover letter to the adjuster depicting the cause of the accident and who the party at-fault is. Roddick

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You would need to figure out the Case Law. If you can pay towards accessing on-line databases, it would be easier for you to research over associated case laws.

Once you're done with this study, it would be advisable that you contact any personal injury firm to get it screened by a lawyer. I guess it would be free!


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What are the key areas of concern prior to your dealing with an accident insurance adjuster?

Treat them like a human and they'll do the same..If you have a particular problem or question, or a jerk of an adjuster then explain that, and maybe we can help..

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Determine the goal number first. You can't really ask for something that's not realistic.

It has to be justified upon your evidences as well as your research on the case law. Once your case supports your goal number, you're one step away from negotiating things with the adjuster.

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I know you do not want to give them attitude. Think about it. Who would you be more willing to work with someone who can talk calmly or someone who uses attitude.
If they are a problem maybe you can call and suggest a new adjuster. Most I have seen are there to do their job and get on with the next claim. You can do a little researching yourself to see what your claim is worth and if it is fair. Good luck

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You'd also need to determine the point under which you'll not let it go so easily. This point is known as the 'line in sand'. If you're gonna think about it ahead of your meeting with the adjuster, then probably you'll keep an eye through the initial rounds of negotiations and know how much and in which direction you should move.

I say this because...once you're gonna's gonnabe final irrespective of the future conditions. This is true both for an accident claim or a tort claim.

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One important thing I'd like to stress upon is that the

adjusters become willing to settle with you if you have a

constant injury level for over a few months. This could

make things a bit easier for you. Plasticmind

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The adjuster should ALREADY know you have questions, concerns, etc. They SHOULD be willing to answer those questions for you. If you;re NOT getting the answers you're looking for, maybe you can all their Supervisor ( I had to do that, at one point in time). It MAY help. Or, of curse, as someone posted above, you can get wonderful advice/help from the Experts, on the Forum. :D

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