Cinergy health insurance: Are they reliable?

by lloydwalk » Sat Nov 29, 2008 02:29 pm

Cinergy Health Insurance is a program provided by Cinergy Health Inc. It is a company that provides novel and reasonable health coverage solutions for families or individuals who cannot otherwise afford health insurance. Their low cost health plans that substitute the costly major medical plans are designed to help everyone afford health insurance.

What services do they offer?

With their Cinergy Health Insurance Plan they offer restricted medical assistance plans. In this they provide first dollar coverage for the known and predictable medical assistance people may need quite often. Beginning with doctor's visit to diagnostics, maternity and surgeries, they make arrangements for all within your budget. According to the plan they set up for you, you can even choose your own doctors and hospitals. They do not restrict your choice of doctors and hospitals.

How does the Cinergy health insurance plan work?

With a view to create and deliver affordable health plan options this plan has been designed as an alternative to expensive health care plans. Cinergy health care insurance does not involve a big deductible. Their benefits include:
  • Visits to physicians
  • Stay in hospital
  • Surgeries
  • ICU expenses
  • Benefits in critical care
  • X-rays
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Regular wellness check-ups
  • Precautionary tests
  • Pregnancy or related issues
  • Medical assistance for accidents
  • Emergency room stays
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage

Why would anyone choose Cinergy Health Preferred?

Cinergy Health, Inc. allows you to have the freedom to choose the doctor you would like to visit and also the hospital you would like to go to. All of this facility is available at a price that you can afford. In a Cinergy Health Preferred plan, you can even move from a limited medical plan to a major medical plan, you have the liberty to do so.

When are you eligible for a health plan with Cinergy?

If you do not have health insurance because you cannot afford it, Cinergy thinks you may qualify for their program. They have partnered with National Congress of Employers (NCE) and hereby have designed these plans for all working Americans in every state. Everyone is qualified for these plans regardless of medical history or any pre-existing conditions.

Cinergy states that their plans have been designed mainly for those individuals who:
  • Have no access to major health insurance
  • Have little or no means to afford major health insurance
  • Have health insurance plans with very high deductibles and yet very little benefits

What consumers say about Cinergy?

There are mixed reactions from people when it comes to their views on Cinergy Health, Inc. Members of the AmPmInsure Community believe that Cinergy is quite a popular company because of its innovative plan. But, again there are other members too who are not happy with the kind of service Cinergy has provided.

There have been quite a few complaints about Cinergy Health, Inc. Some of them include:
  • Cinergy is said to be inaccessible when their customers need them.
  • They have been accused of keeping the customers' money beyond the agreed term of payment.
  • They make customers pay way more than what they have advertised.
  • They do not pay the entire money spent on a doctor visit. They pay only a fixed amount and nothing beyond that.
Consumers seem to have little faith on the services offered by Cinergy since there is no accreditation mentioned on their website. Some individuals who have paid for their services have been highly disappointed. It also seems that they have provided false numbers and passed them off as official numbers to their customers.

If you want to contact Cinergy, you may use their contact details and if you want to share any of your experiences (good or bad) with Cinergy Health, Inc. do write your opinion in our forum.

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Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 03:58 pm Post Subject: Call for More Info.

Thanks for your question. Call us at 1-800-847-9151 so we can better understand your needs and explain who we are and how we can help you. Thank you for your time.

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 05:03 pm Post Subject: APPLICATION


Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 07:28 pm Post Subject: Phone Number

C.S. Johansen:

Call 1-800-847-9151 and ask to be forwarded to a sales person.

Thank you.

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 07:28 pm Post Subject: Phone Number

C.S. Johansen:

Call 1-800-847-9151 and ask to be forwarded to a sales person.

Thank you.

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 07:28 pm Post Subject: Phone Number

C.S. Johansen:

Call 1-800-847-9151 and ask to be forwarded to a sales person.

Thank you.

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 07:32 pm Post Subject: The Cinergy "Run Around"

Terrible service. Cinergy has been absolutely horrible in resolving my dispute with payments to medical providers. I've been referred from one number and person to the next. Cinergy claims that responsibilty for payment is with the insurance companies Cinergy subcontracted my membership with. What do you suggest I do to hold Cinergy accountable for their lack of response and payment which I feel they should cover...aside from the insurance commission, etc.?

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 08:07 pm Post Subject: please Keep On buying From Us

I am Thom White and I do want to come clean, so here I go. Want to apologies to all the suckers that purchased the "so called" health insurance from us. We just laid off over 30 people this past Friday and 2 months ago at least a dozen. I did keep about 25 of my close friends and family to work (better yet, to siphon more money from the owner Danny T.). Those 25 are my protection, just in case I get fired. I do provide all those that I kept with a sure sale leads. I have been doing this forever. I gave the OK to my right hand manager, MJ to make sure that all will get something but there are at least 4 people that get the most sure sale leads. We did take many of the other hard working agent’s leads and gave it to my nepotism friends and family. I can go on and on but I do not want to bore you suckers to death but I will leave you with one more good news. I had my ex-brother-in-law, Mike, hired as one of the floor managers. This guy has no knowledge what so ever about health insurance, let alone any insurance except that he knows that if he does not have car insurance, he will lose his driver license. So you can see that you are in good hands. Please call us at 1-800-847-9151 so we can help you with your bank account, I meant your health. So, now that you suckers know more about me and my closes friends, you can rest a sure that you can buy health insurance through us with confidence. Oh, one other thing, Russlin, if you read this post, I need to get more drugs, ASAP; I’m getting nervous about my job. More sure sale leads are on the way.

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 07:11 pm Post Subject: I have Cinenergy too

I was told that it would be $70 dollars a therapy sessions and the other day I was informed that it's only $25 a session and I feel ripped off and not only that they haven't paid a cent of the sessions yet. My other doctor is giving me a form to write off the bill so I can start fresh w/ him. I feel like a degenrate. That can't pay her bills. I can't go anywhere else as I have a very bad Pre exist condition and don't know what to do. The health care bill doesn't go in to effect until 2014 and I don't even know if that is going to help. I can go into the pool but that cost $750 a month and that also has a $1500 deductible before you even get help on your bill. I talked to a representative today that said Cin wasn't even credible anymore.

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 07:13 pm Post Subject:

Who is Thom White and please tell me this is a joke!!!!!

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 07:32 pm Post Subject: You did not note the many complaints

Well, just Google: Cinergy complaints, Cinergy scam, Cinergy rip-off. Of course, I see you are quick to make an affiliate buck on the link to Cinergy. So, I can see is more interested at making money than giving accurate advice on health insurance.
If your advice is as good as the article on Cinergy Health Insurance, I think you are doing a disservice to the public. There are many mini med plans and not to offer a comparison to other products and the limitations and not to point out the many on-line complaints is wrong in my opinion. Several company selling plans like this in one state recently got hit with fine or over 100K. And there are actions in some state to stop selling Cinergy. Comment?

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