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by Guest » Mon Sep 04, 2006 12:34 am

My brother passed away is March of this year and left behind his 12 year old son. He had insurance through his employer and on his own. The personal policy, paid about three weeks after his death and my sister was the beneficiary. His employer gave us the necessary paperwork so that we could file a claim on his life insurance. We were under the assumption that my sister was the beneficiary on the claim, but was informed by the insurance company that it was actually my nephew, my brother's son. The legal department there informed us that there must be a court order in place before the proceeds of the claim could be paid. I considered this to be reasonable and asked was there anything else that they required, they gave a list of things, I complied for all but his (my nephew) social security card. I had to get a replacement for it, but did send a copy of the application, which at that time they did not object to. I applied for legal guardianship and was granted custody on August 23rd. I informed the company that I had obtained guardianship and expressed the order to them, I asked again was there anything else that they needed. They replied no.
A day later their legal department called and stated that he needed to have my nephew's social security card. I told him that I don't remember Social Security ever sending the card, but I will go reapply and send that proof of the SSN. He said that it would have to be the card, not the paperwork from social security, because the paperwork could be forged. I said that is impossible, because they stamp it and put a contact number on it for verification. He said that he would have to talk to his supervisor. I went did the application, and faxed him the paperwork from social security, which contained my nephew's name, address, social security number, stamped with the representative's name and phone number on it. His supervisor called and said because of the “Patriot Act”, that was NOT enough verification and she was not releasing anything until she received the card. She spoke so bad to me that day, she made me feel that it was wrong of me to question their actions.

I work will credit approvals and part of my job is to verify social security numbers and birthdates, which we do electronically. We state to the customer's we do this in accordance to this act. This has had complaints filed against them because of delays in claims and I feel that this is what their doing this time. The information that I supplied to them,(birth certificate, school record, the paper work from social security), should have been proof enough to show citizenship. I also feel went they get the card; they are going to delay the claim again by asking for something else. I feel that are using this to keep from paying on this claim. Right after we reported my brother's death they acted like if we did not act on it in certain amount of time, the claim would be denied and I feel that the way they asking for things in bits and pieces, that this is what they are up to again.

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Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 07:27 am Post Subject: Share with us

I'm sure my friend, you won't mind sharing with us one important thing which might help the community members to follow your case thoroughly or throw some light upon any fact that had been overlooked ! Could you please tell us which state your sister or your nephew belong to. I'm sure we could prolong this discussion and might achieve something out of it ! Thank you for consulting us. take care, Harry

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as far my knowledge goes the US Patriotic Act, makes it an absolute necessary that at the policy level all companies get forced to check each n every monetary transactions involving payments, loans, transfers, withdrawals, surrenders and death claims.

The insurers are required to identify and monitor the commercial behavior and the nature of each transactions associated to their customers. In the recent times, the consumer-insurer relationships have taken a different turn with the introduction of this Act. This enforces the need to track the relationship of the insurer with his insured, owner and also the payor. Along with this it is mandatory that the insurer closely and confidentially monitors all the payments made to the beneficiaries of the insured, with whom the insurer may never have had any direct connection or dealing. Thus the acts of detecting the money-laundering activities have become a pretty complex procedure with the monitoring of all these relationships involving multiple policies.

This ensures that if your insurer pays the wrong person they would be penalized by amounts reaching as high as 50 million again if they don't pay you they would be penalized by a considerable amount. So its better you don't lose heart right away !

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Hey guys !
I have not ever come across anything as the SSN card ! All I've known for all these years is the "social security number" which tracks our civic life status. I feel whenever I've felt the need of any confirmation of my social status from the Federal Govt.

I always had them in terms of documents duly signed and stamped from their end. Whenever I'd requested, I had documents referring important notifications associated to my social security number in place along with my state-id, my credit status etc. Does anyone actually achieve this card in hand ?? Waiting for your explanations !
regards, Dorothy

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 07:14 pm Post Subject: Problems with a claim

Harry---We are all in Tennessee and the home office of the insurance company is in Arkansas. I spoke to the Consumers Affairs office in Tennessee and I was told the information that I provided from Social Secuity should have been proof enough for id purposes. I know that they have to comply with the Patriot Act and FAT and they use CIP to verify, so what's the deal? The info from the SS office contained more info than the card does, plus it's stamped and has a contact phone number to confirm where the form orginated from.

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 04:36 am Post Subject: Lets fight it out !

hi..I'm sure the information is more than enough !
I have been consistently promoting the cause of obliterating the insurance frauds at different forums and trying to generate consciousness about certain bodies or organisations..I'd surely include this instance too !
thanks for letting me know.

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