Can my car insurance company cancel my policy?

by Guest » Thu Sep 13, 2007 08:13 am

Hi, i just got in an accident. And I called to make a claim. The insurance people say that my policy is canceled, and its been canceled for 6 days. They said they sent a letter in the mail saying it's canceled but I never got anything. So what am I suppose to do now? Can anyone give me some help please? Thank you very much.

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by the way, i live in california and the insurance company is 21st, you would expect better service than this from a company like this

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Did you report the claim to the agent or to a central claims reporting unit?

When you say it had been canceled for six days does that mean it was due six days ago, or that it went into lapsed status six days ago? This (believe it or not) can make a HUGE difference. Most companies allow ten days from the end of the term or due date to get that premium in. In auto policies we don't call it a 'grace period', but really that is what it would be referred to by the general public. If it was six days past the due date, NOT six days after it lapsed you might have a prayer. Find out NOW and if so, get the money in their hands IMMEDIATELY. If not, I'm afraid my dear SS this is one of those awful life lessons. Most companies, (even if it is lapsed/cancelled) the claim should still be reported to the claims dept., and they will MAKE SURE there is no coverage and notify you, (and any other parties to the claim) of same.

As to them notifing you, I'm sure they did, perhaps you have some unopened mail laying around? Someone else live with you and put the mail in a different place?

"you would expect better service than this from a company like this"

There's no need in thinking the insurance company did anything wrong.
They really didn't, they sent you a cancelation notice, I'm sure, and will be able to prove this to you, investigate that to be sure and settle your mind about that aspect.. It is our jobs as a responsible consumer to make sure our bills are paid on time, we know (really we do-look at your proof of insurance card, that is in your wallet or vehicle it shows the policy term, look in your check book register to see when you paid this last), that our insurance, phone bill, light bill, etc are due and when they are due, and it is our responsiblity to pay them when due, or suffer the consequences.

You don't mention if you were at fault or if another vehicle is involved, apparently you weren't hurt badly, (thankfully) and certainly hope no one else was.

If you are indeed cancelled, you will have to bare all costs of this loss.

Let me warn you, if another vehicle is involved and you are at fault DO NOT HIDE from the other carrier, be upfront, and grown up, admit your lapse in judgement (in not paying your premium) and offer to set up a payment plan, and stick to it making your payments on time. If you do not, the subrogation dept who will ultimately have this claim, (and be coming to you for payment), will immediately contact the state, have your license, and your license plates pulled, (not sure about CA they may have to immediately file a state report anyway) and possibly file for a judgement. If you are upfront and cooperate, you run a better chance of keeping this at bay.

For heaven sakes honey, get some insurance, don't let this happen again! Call mom and dad, grandparents, pick up cans, do what you have to do to to get this straightened out.

If you care to go into the facts of loss etc, perhaps we could be of more assistance, maybe even come up with a neglience argument in your favor. If you were not at fault, the fact that you were uninsured, should be of minimal concern.

We all make mistakes in life, some cost more than others. You will make more mistakes, but likely/hopefully not this one again.

I'm very sorry, I know this seems like the worse possible thing, but you will come out of it. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance, and please please please, re-read my first paragraph, find out about that first...Then do what is necessary to get insurance on your vehicle or do NOT drive it again until you do.....Although it seems a little 'dark' right now it could've been much worse, (fatalities etc).

Best of luck.

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:45 am Post Subject: Rules for cancellation!

My friend, I'll tell you some of the rules associated with the auto insurance policies governed by the California state insurance body. Auto policies in California are not canceled till 60 days of life but then onwards they may be canceled anytime for failing to pay the premiums, scams or fraudulent representations etc.

At the same time you should also note that cancellation notices should be sent to you at least 10 days in advance of the cancellation date. In case it is the scenario of non-renewal then it has to be sent to you before 30 days. For all of these to happen you must know that you have the right to get this letter with you before they can possibly cancel or let your policy expire forever. You would also have the right to know the reason for such a cancellation or non-renewal in writing. Now I believe everything is a bit vivid...what do you think ! Juanita

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Hi ss,
I'd just like to add to it that if you fail to receive the notice associated with cancellation or non-renewal as mentioned above, then your policy must stay active for 30 days since a proper notice is issued. I'd agree to this idea that the reason for such a cancellation has to be shared with you through the letter or notice. Thats the reason I'd suggest you to go through your policy papers and read the clauses carefully and find out if there are any other suggestions. Believe me, at times these companies do offer a longer period of time before issuing such notices or warnings. Wish you come up as the triumphant! Regards, MsOwen

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ss, you can file a complaint with the Calif. Dept. Of Insurance. They are one of the most strict dept's in the US and will investigate the situation to see if the carrier did anything wrong.

Question.. was the policy cancelled for non-payment (this is the most common reason for a cancellation). Simple question... did you pay the bill on time? I've heard many people complain that they never got the cancellation notice but all of those people have agreed that they also did not pay their bill. Insurance companies are only responsible for showing "proof' that the correct letters were mailed... not they they were acknowledged as being received by the insured (no one ever "receives" cancellation notices).

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 05:50 pm Post Subject: Rearended

I was hit in the rear end by someone that left the seen.I was in the state of FL.I live in MS.The FL.police got the person a day or so later and his insurance; after not hearing from any one I got in contact with the insur. comp.a week later.
My van was totaled and not paid for,I had a 12 y/o;17 y/o and a 21y/o two of them hit there heads and we all had sore necks. My insurance has took care of things. What is the other person and his insur.responsible for. I'm in need of a car to survive.Do I or don't I not have a right to seek car replacement from the other persons insur.comp.,reinbusement to my insur.and for medical bills. Thanks for a reply.

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I'm in need of a car to survive.Do I or don't I not have a right to seek car replacement from the other persons insur.comp.,reinbusement to my insur.and for medical bills. Thanks for a reply.

You are not entiteld to a resplacement you are entitled to the ACV (actual cash value) of your vehicle seconds prior to impact.

Your medical bills are a separate issue and claim. If your carrier paid med bills under med pay or pip it will depend if that coverage is subrogatible in the state of accident. There would also be a bodily injury claims(again depending on state laws) in addition to this for each injured party.

Have you or your carrier talked with the other carrier yet? If not, why not?

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Like Lori mentions, it's imperatrive that you or your insurer gets in contact with the other parties insurer.

Does your insurance cover damage to your vehicle or only third parties?

the bottom line here is really that if the accident was the other persons fault, he, or his insurer, are liable for your damages. whether your insurance covers things in the mean time is a separate matter to whether or not the other guy should ultimately be paying the bills.

If he is at fault, and you are not, then he is responsible for the losses you have suffered and medical costs associated with your passengers injuries. If his insurance covers all these things for him, great. If not, he will be personally liable, but you need to get liability established and then persue recovery.

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I read this topic and find it very useful. Thanks all to share their informations

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The most common reason for cancellation of the policy is when people don't pay their monthly insurance bill, or If you lied on a claim, mileage at time of policy issue, or just cheated the insurance then they have cancelled your policy under fraudulent reason, but before cancellation they must have to inform the insured person by sending legal written notice according to law.

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