How can I locate a lost life insurance policy?

by GarySpicuzza » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:52 am

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If a family member dies and you are unable to locate his or her life insurance policies, there is, unfortunately, no national or statewide database of all life insurance policies that you can consult.

6. Check the mail for a year following the death of the policyholder.
Look for premium notices or dividend notices. If a policy has been paid up, there will be no notice of premium payments due. However, the company may still send an annual notice regarding the status of the policy or it may pay or send notice of a dividend.

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Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 01:33 pm Post Subject:

If a family member dies and you are unable to locate his or her life insurance policies, there is, unfortunately, no national or statewide database of all life insurance policies that you can consult.

RE:before that they can consult your consultant.from whom they had taken the insurance policy.

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Hello Gary, That is a great link with great information. has a database that is used to register only the name of Life Insurance policies. They do not ask for Social Security numbers or policy numbers. All that they do is register the company name so that the beneficiaries have a direction and a starting point to look. This database is very secure and will assure individuals that their policies will never be lost. They also remind the beneficiaries of the members of with an annual post card in the mail, that they (beneficiaries) can find their loved ones information on's website. The beneficiaries go to the website and on the research tab enter the members Last Four digits of their social security number and the members date of birth(both found on a death certificate) and their information can be seen. An example of what an individual will see is accessible on the research tab. We are the only database to register Life Insurance names and other legacies such as Safe Deposit boxes, annuities, brokerage and bank accounts.
This will eliminate information being missplaced, lost, unexpectedly or destroyed. Anyone looking should check database first before panicing.

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Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 03:21 pm Post Subject: Insurance Policy

My mother (Audrey Powell) took a Life Insurance Policy out on my Brother. It was payed for in the 1990's . His name is Randolph J. Powell. We cannot locate this policy.

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Hello Darleen, is a database created for this exact reason. Since we found that there is no National, Statewide or Government database that you can look to find , for example your Brother's policy we created
It is a simple 3 minute registry where you would register your life insurance company name that holds your policy. This free service will eventually eliminate this sort of thing from happening.

I can suggest a few things to try to locate your brothers policy. If your mother is alive, you can ask her. If your mother is not alive and had life insurance on herself, I suggest you go to the same company that she had life insurance with and ask them. You can always go to the auto insurance company that your mother was with and ask them. People sometimes get life insurance with the same company that they have auto insurance with. Since it is a paid for policy I would also suggest to look through all your mothers paperwork to see if it is in there.

I am sorry about this and believe me, you are not alone in this position. This happens everyday and only gets recognized when it is too late. We encourage you now to register your life insurance company name on It's free and will prevent this from ever happening again.


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You can also go to the Medical Information Bureau, they have a service called the policy locater and they might be able to assist you. There is a fee of 75 dollars and their success rate is around 25%. It might be worth looking into.


Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 09:32 pm Post Subject:

Not very good statistics but hey mif it is a last ditch effort it would be worht a try.

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On my website, I give you 3 different options to track down lost policies.

Good luck

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:41 pm Post Subject:

How many times do we see a post like this? I haven't yet got to your web site but I will in the near future. Its great that you offer those three ways to do it.

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