Is there a time limit on Auto Gap coverage to pay a claim?

by DLopes57 » Mon Jul 20, 2009 08:30 pm

It's been over 4 months after being rear-ended by a diesel truck. My Gap Co. has not paid off the loan.
A settlement Check was sent to the wrong address, has been returned to them a week ago. At this time a new check has not been issued. Interest on the loan adds on every day. What about the added interest due to the added delay. The claims agent does not reply to my my request of a claim status update.

I'm not to happy,

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Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 08:56 pm Post Subject:

Nor would I be. A call to your state's department of insurance may help clear up the situation, or at least help you get a return phone call from your claims agent.

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:36 pm Post Subject: I did call=California Dep. Ins.

I was floored when the Cal. Dep. Ins. wanted me to redirect my complaint energy to the lender & not the Gap Co. --- Go Figure that out? Way to go California!

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Most of the times thes GAP companies leave you unattended knowing the fact that majority of the people do not have the resources or time to pursue them legally and they take advantage of the situaution by ignoring us. Given that as a case I w think we all must highlight the names of such companies to such forums so that they get a clear message that your reputation and hence business is at stake. Let us show them the power of PEN OOOps I am sorry, The power of KEYBOARD

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 04:12 am Post Subject: I recieved a E-Reply Cal. Dep. Ins.

I posed the same "Main Topic" question to Cal. Dep. of Ins. today. There E-Answer was in regard to; Determining the Acceptance or Denial of a claim at 40 days with provisions. *They did not answer my question.*
Is it appropriate to mention Corp names in this forum?

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The claims agent does not reply to my my request of a claim status update.

I didn't understand certain things that you'd mentioned initially...didn't they inform you before dispatching the check? Who's it that returned the check?
Did you call up their customer service dept. ? Don't you have any toll-free no. belonging to your carrier wherein you may report the dispatch at the wrong address.

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DLopes, they have got the returned check only a week ago, I'd rather have called up their customer service department once more and ask about the status of the check. Make sure that they have the right address now. You can also make your intention clear about reporting them to the state insurance department. Hopefully it would do the trick.


Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 07:31 pm Post Subject: The Check

After numerus phone calls, I found out they sent the original ckeck out on June 23. Accident occurred on 3/5/09. I called the lender daily to check on it's arival. After a week went by, I called the Gap Co. to validate the send Date & Address. I found out the the (Send To:) name was the lender in Sac. Ca. but the Actual Address was 100# off of my home address in Manteca Ca. Who ever recieved the envelope must have writen "Return to Sender" on it. The Gap Co. recieved it back a few days later. I did write the Gap Co. an E-Mail informing them of the lenders correct address & my correct address. I was told the check would then have to be forwarded back to the UnderWriter. I was told that a new Check would have to be drafted & sent to the lender. I asked the Gap Co.; "What about covering the encurred interest do to the error & time delay?" I just recieved an E-Mail from the Gap Co. stating; "I am waiting for the U/W to advise when the draft will be sent to the U/W. <(Typo "Lender") The daily accrued interest will not be covered."
**** I'm having a real good day *** Dave

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