given todays credit situations, who is giving appointments,

by thewelchgroup » Sat Aug 08, 2009 02:32 pm

what carriers are giving or granting appointments to agents with bad credit, bankruptcies, etc.

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I know for a fact that many of the life insurance carriers will give appointments to practically anyone. However, if an agent has exceptionally poor credit their contract will probably reflect it. For example, the commissions may only be paid as earned, as the insurance company will not want to advance anything to a person with credit issues.

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My experience is limited to P&C (not sure about life/health carriers.) From what I have seen, most companies are still willing to expand their distribution channel and give contracts to agents who have the right fit for their appetite, and the capability to meet their commitments. I, personally, have never seen an agency's appointment declined purely due to lackluster credit. I think the carriers want to make sure the employees/owner have never bankrupted an agency due to financial mismanagement (which is different from a personal bankruptcy due to divorce, etc.), or committed some sort of financial fraud. This is just my observation; it could vary by region and company.

If you have a carrier in mind, give them a call. If you have to undergo a background check, submit with your consent form a letter that explains the blemishes in your credit history. It's good to be proactive and explain things up front. :)

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I purchased an insurance agency in Edmond, Ok. I have been in the insurance business for 36 plus years. Working in the Claims Dept for the first 20 years. I am a licensed P & C agent, and requesting appointment with you company. I will submit anything information you request. I still work for American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Ins. co. INC. My daughter Shandra, works in my Edmond office at 400 N. Broadway Stw # 2. One story office building. Shandra also has a P & C license and is getting her Life and Health License and will obtain this within 2 weeks.
Thank you for your time in considering our agency for you company, as I see a good fix with the business we have now and what comes in from our Advertising and yes walk in traffic..
You may contact my Edmond office at 405 348 3750 or my cell phone is 405 714 3411..
Thank you
john porter

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