My Aunt had a coin collection covered under her

by kimbers1965 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 09:32 pm

...under her homeowners insurance. She died on Dec. 12th, 1996. The public guardian stepped in right before her death & was supposidley looking after her assets & her $$<<(<<"whatever"~!!)..Soon after her death her home was broke in to & the coin collection was stolen! My other Aunt is the 1 who told me about this...The guardians office is suppose to help protect her yet this happens is just not acceptable! My Aunts homeowners policy was still kept paid up until late 1999. Is there anything to be done at this point? My Sister & I didn't find out about this intil recently...we are her ONLY surviving bloodline family left(<F.Y.I.)...Thnx~

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Can anything be done about what?

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Can anything be done about what?

Very unlikely, it depends on how the state defines "discovery" in terms of any statutes of limitations that may apply. Some states start the discovery date based on the actual (or approximate) date of the loss, others apply the discovery date as to when the information was first obtained.

If the discovery date in this state is based on when the action occurred, I would suggest that it's run its course and there's likely no legal recourse... we're talking 16 years ago here.

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