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:?: :?: great place. my question is as follows, i wrecked my bike on 5-12-06. adjuster came by dealer shop on 5-16, estimate given was 3400.00 and change, plus 1500.00 in access.,dealer also believes frame is bent new frame 2000.00. bike books 5700.00. three weeks later 6-6-06 adjuster calls says its a total, going to pay 5200.00,fast fwd 1 day. adjuster calls offers 2700.00 and says the ins. co. doesnt think frame is bent and states if it is they want to repair it. does anybody have any advice. what do i do from here.

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Hi there..

Thanks so much for explaining an interesting scenario over here !

Please see if I have got your explanation correctly!
If I am not wrong, the book value of your bike is $5700 right! Collision insurance usually covers up to the book value of the motorcycle before the loss occurred. That means you are supposed to get the value $5200 (according to the adjuster). Am I right? Whereas your loss has amounted to $6900 (i.e. 3400+1500+2000). As the Insurance company thinks your frame to be ok thats why they have deducted nearly $2000.

Get your damaged bike evaluated and checked again, since you'd need to prove it to your insurer that the frame is bent. So its better that once you get it revaluated, then only you might consult with your agent and see whether you are capable of bargaining it any further.
Be in touch, Sasha

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hiya ! I'd advice you to go through your policy carefully...
And see what has been stated in terms of reimbursement. Also check if there exists any body shop in the market as referred by your insurer (provided there is any reference). Then it would be easier for you to compare the repairing costs with the shop that you already got your bike evaluated.

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 04:50 am Post Subject: Whats their reason ?

my friend, I'd like to ask you a simple question in this context. Did your adjuster support your insurer's denial with a valid reason ? Did he care to explain the cause of their not considering it to be bent ? (Also would like to know if theres any detuctible.)
take care.

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