Pregnancy disability insurance

by Guest » Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:06 pm

Does anyone have any information regarding disability in connection with pregnancy? Are there any disability benefits available for the pregnant women? If anyone would come to know of any such benefit please share it with me over here. Crossbreed

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See, I don't really see any major difference between pregnancy and other disabling conditions. When I was in NY, I'd seen that once you obtain the doctor's certificate, all you'd need to do is to fill up the claims form and forward it to the dept. of labor & workforce development. You may avail the state plan temporary benefits for disability if you become disabled within 14 days from the day that you last worked. If your disability exceeds that period, then you may enjoy the benefits that come under Disability During employment program. Now, its your world! Roddick

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Hi there, why don't you check up whether your insurer has any Pvt insurance plan that offers temporary disability benefits? If my insurer would have that option, I'd rather choose to submit my claim through that plan. See, if you don't know how to fetch your benefits, they would never drop at your doorsteps.
All the best! Fatman

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Hi, normally during pregnancy, the temp. pregnancy disability insurance benefits are payable till 4 weeks prior to your delivery date and till 6 weeks after crossing the delivery date. It is subject to the condition that you have missed your work during this period. Make sure that you have the necessary documents in place while you're actually filing for such benefits. If the documents are not supporting you it would be real difficult for you during such a crucial phase in life. Roddick

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Well friends, there are a lot of people for whom this period may get stretched if the doctor certifies a longer duration for disability. Instances of such conditions have been depicted below-

  • When certain complications have arisen during the course of your pregnancy
  • When you have had a Cesarean experience

So, now you know much better about such phases..Fatman

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My friend, there could even be other significant examples of such scenarios e.g. you undergo a parallel disability. Say for instance you are trudging through a specific phase in your life wherein you're not being able to perform your daily activities. Well yeah, even for those conditions you'd need to have your doctor's certificate that clearly states your condition. It is truly painful when you're actually facing such a hurdle & you don't have the proof. So better you keep an eye on that too!

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Hi all..

I'd look at it as a topic of great importance...especially for the modern women in today's fast-paced world. There is something that you guys would always need to remember-
You should never file a claim for disability till you have actually stopped going for work. Also, remember that in case you file a claim before you have actually stopped going to work, then your claim may get rejected. Once it gets rejected you'd be in serious trouble.
Regards, Fatman

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Hey! In that case don't even forget to obtain the doctor's certificate before you'd apply for a pregnancy disability insurance claim. The doc's certificate would at least help establish the fact that you're disabled due to pregnancy. If you don't possess it during the processing of your claim, then they would not consider you as pregnant.
It would be right to say that the world is deaf-n-dumb at times especially when it comes to transfer of funds. :) Roddick

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Hi all,
I'd known the duration to be 6 weeks in case of a vaginal delivery. For a c-section without much complications it could be an 8 weeks duration. Yes, you'd need to get the doctor's certificate in order to take a leave from your work. In the same way, you'd need to get a doctor's certificate supporting the situation when you have further complications during pregnancy.

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Hi..I see it to be quite a natural practice to have disability insurance from one's own employer. Again it is good to have it under the state that you reside in. So, it becomes easier to get in touch with your HR dept. in order to have the right forms that need to be filled in before you reach out to your doctor. Roddick

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