Some Insurers Going "Green"

by mega » Fri Jan 25, 2008 01:24 pm
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Being involved daily in the stock market and always looking at what the current "hot" sectors are I have been following the alternative energy sector very closely over the last year. Seem every major company is really getting behind the "green" effort be it solar or hydrogen alternative. From Wal-mart to 3M these company are implementing green energy into their business.

It appear now at least 2 major Insurance Companies are also getting behind the "Green" and from the article I am reading it sure looks appealing for the homeowners.

Here is an excerpt:

Two major insurers are launching "green" insurance programs that will let homeowners reconstruct their property with more environmentally friendly building materials, appliances and landscaping, even if it costs more than the replacement value stated in the policy.

One major insurer, Fireman's Fund, is launching its "green" insurance program in Southern California at no extra charge to its clients who were hurt by a dozen wildfires that killed seven people and destroyed nearly 2,200 homes in October. And Lexington Insurance Co. is testing a new "green" policy in a handful of East Coast states.

Both programs are expected to be launched nationwide in 2008.

So apparently you can "reconstruct property" using the more expensive alternatives such as solar, with no extra charges. Personally I think this is about the best news I have heard in a long time for homeowners.

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