Auto Insurance Claim Letter

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You'll need to send a letter to your insurer when you want to make an auto insurance claim. Along with the letter, you'll also need to enclose all the necessary documents to validate the accident and the related expenses for which you'll be demanding compensation.

This sample insurance claim letter provided below will help you if you want to make an auto insurance claim:

Name of concerned person/Department
Insurance Company's Mailing Address
Company's City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Policy Number: #

This is to inform you that I had an accident on .The details of the accident are provided below:


I had personal injuries due to the accident along with damages to my vehicle as enlisted below:

  • My medical expenses totaled to around $.
  • I was unable to go for work and my lost wages amount to $.
  • I have also included the details of the repair to be done, which I verified from 3 different repair shops. The approximate estimate for the repairs is $.
All details and documents are enclosed with this letter along with a copy of the police report.
Thus, the total amount I'd like to claim against my policy would be $ .I shall expect an offer for settlement of my claim as early as possible. Please feel free to contact me for further information regarding the accident and my claim.
Thanking you.

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