Sample Insurance Claim Letter for Fire Damage

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If your property and its contents have been affected by a fire accident, you'll need to make a claim to your insurer for the damages. You can send a letter to inform the insurer as well as provide all the necessary details for the claim.

The sample letter, given below, will show you how to claim for fire damages to your assets:

Name of concerned person/Department
Insurance Company's Mailing Address
Company's City,State,Zip Code

Subject: Insurance claim for fire damage against Policy no.

This is to inform you that a fire broke out within our building premises at on . I have filed a complaint with the police for the incident. The cause of fire is not known as yet. The fire has resulted in a lot of damage. The details of those are provided below:


The loss has been estimated to be around $. I want to make a claim for fire damage against the afore-mentioned policy for the same amount.

I would like to request you to take necessary measures and assess the amount of loss. Kindly expedite the investigation process, and forward the claim amount as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me for any further information regarding the accident and my claim.

Thanking you.

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