My Home Insurance Would Include Conservatory?

by LisaMay » Sun Dec 20, 2020 01:49 pm

Hi Everyone!

In the first lockdown, my entire family managed successfully to live a small house without problems, but this second tire 4 lockdown is really tough for us. My siblings, husband, including me, are working from home and spend our entire day at home. Sometimes, it becomes tough to bear each other. As we can't afford a big house or even a separate house, that's why I am thinking of conservatory and checking conservatory extensions' costs from here

In this regard, I am thinking to use a few of savings, but I am not sure about the insurance. Do you think standard home insurances include the conservatory home insurance with the building? I have also talked with my insurer, and according to him, they would cover the Conservatory if we use quality material for its construction like window glazing and proper locks etc. Withal, I am willing to know in what conditions they wouldn't include this extended area in our previous home insurance.

It would be great if you guys your experiences about building conservatory extensions and its insurance in the United Kingdom. 

Waiting for your responses.


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