Email Marketing to Sell Insurance?

by LisaMay » Thu Jan 14, 2021 07:26 pm

Hi Everyone!

My sister recently joined an insurance company. She was appointed as HR officer, but she has transferred into the sales team due to better marketing skills. Yes, she is working as an insurance agent from last week. Probably she was considering it an easy job. But honestly, it is a tough job where the company doesn't have any centralized marketing plan, and everyone would have to fight alone.

She started from social media marketing, but now, we are thinking to use an email marketing strategy. In this regard, we are about to get B2B email list from here and would engage top businesses to get insurance cover for their employees or even for remote workers. Do think email marketing would help us in lead generation and selling insurance plans to small or medium-sized businesses of the United States?

Indeed, we would also start a complete digital marketing campaign, but for now, do you think email marketing is helpful enough? You can also suggest your opinions and experiences.

Waiting for your responses. 

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