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Privacy Policy




AmPmInsure takes your privacy with utmost seriousness. At AmPmInsure we endeavor to safeguard the privacy of our members (you). Our privacy policy highlights the kind of information that we gather from you and the purpose for which it is necessary.

We at AmPmInsure do not distribute names or e-mail addresses of our members to any third party. The information that is collected by us is solely for use in the site administration purpose. The security measures that we adopt help prevent any unauthorized access or alteration (any sort), disclosure or the damage of the member's data.

We respect the trust that you bestow on us and hence we do not collect any information without your knowledge. Our communication is transparent with respect to every individual user. As a member you can edit your own post and besides you no one else except the forum moderators can do it.

Our identity: AmPmInsure community is a platform for individuals who have news to share about any type of insurance. We have insurance professionals guiding as members who can guide others through matters related to insurance.

What information we gather: We ask you only for your e-mail address which we require for registration. Your e-mail address will not be disclosed to any third party and is secured in our database.

How your information is used: Your e-mail address provided to us will only be used by our site admin to communicate with you.

Updating Account: As a privileged member of the AmPmInsure community you can update and modify your own account. No matter what information you alter your privacy will still be maintained.

Deleting details: According to the regulations of the Federal and State governments, the information once put into the database of the AmPmInsure community cannot be erased.

Request to discontinue communication through e-mails: In case you do not wish to receive any further e-mails from us you may let the site admin know.

Security Policy: The security policy that we follow is to keep the identity of our members safe with us.

The privacy policy at AmPmInsure may be subject to changes from time to time. However, all changes in the policy will be communicated to our registered members through our website at least a week in advance before it is implemented.