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Hi, I'm from Miss. I'm here to share what happened between State farm insurance company & me in April this year. Me & my wife have been Katrina victims & we had filed federal lawsuits against State farm as they tried to prove that our home damages were the outcome of the storm surge & hence credited us with a little over $36k.

The federal judiciary had the opinion that State Farm are not guilty of procuring separate engineering reports to keep us away. But it was truly harsh how our damages have been turned down.
Most of the State Farm complaints would reflect their rejection of claims & the number of storm victims queuing up against state farm are increasing each day owing to their disbelief & fraudulent activities.

We had lost hopes while arguing about how State farm's involvement with an analysis & engineering co. had pro actively reduced the worth of wind damages done to our property. I'd still believe that this was an effect of their secret wish to reduce their liability towards my home owner's policy. What do you all think?

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Max- From a factual point-of-view, all of your statements above are true. The harsh lesson that many policyholders must learn is that their loyalty to an insurance company is worthless! They don’t discover this ugly truth until they file a claim and go through a living hell trying to get it paid.

Last year, I had borrowed my mom’s SUV to take on vacation and she drove my car for a week. She was driving my car to a meeting on the first morning of that week and was rear-ended by a State Farm customer while stopped at a red light. The impact was hard enough to knock my car into the SUV stopped in front of it, causing the airbag to deploy! My mom suffered some injuries including a fractured wrist, torn ligament in one knee, a broken toe, two broken fingers, airbag burns on hands and arms and substantial bruising on her chest from the seatbelt pre-tensioner. My car should have been totaled, but State Farm insisted on repairing it. That was a mistake that ultimately cost them $2000 more than if they had simply totaled it!

Although my car was insured by Amica, my parents had been with State Farm for over 37 years at the time of the accident. The other driver received multiple citations and the police report cited her as being 100% responsible for the accident. It took 32 days to finally get my car repaired properly and cost State Farm $9700 (I would have taken $10,000 if it had been totaled) and I fought them for a $3200 Diminished Value Claim that I ultimately won (after filing a lawsuit).

But 13 months later, my mom still hasn’t received a penny in reimbursement for her medical expenses! She didn’t ask for a penny more than what she had paid out (around $6000) but they refused. She finally hired an attorney and it will cost them a lot more than $6000 to finally settle. Her State Farm agent wasn’t remotely interested in getting involved in the situation.

Six months ago, my parents’ house was damaged by a wind/hail storm that trashed their roof. State Farm initially declined the claim and, after two months of my dad calling them daily, they agreed to replace only the front half of the roof. He hired an independent adjuster who agreed that the entire roof was damaged, but State Farm still wouldn’t budge. A call to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office and continued daily calls to State Farm finally got the entire roof replaced….almost four months after the damage occurred!

This was their first (and last) claim with State Farm in almost 38 years. Thankfully, it opened my dad’s eyes and he is now insured with Auto-Owners and paying $1300 less per year (even though he has more coverage)! Like a good neighbor my @ss…

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A call to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office and continued daily calls to State Farm finally got the entire roof replaced

Unfortunately, many folks fail to use this free resource that exists in EVERY state, including Puerto Rico and the DC. Much better than using an attorney in many cases.

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Took out auto insurance on-line and paid $550 for one month and one month advance payment. After payment was made on-line, contacted local agent and when i contacted was told they needed more information on the policy. When i gave more information, which was not asked on-line before they took my money, was told the underwriters would refuse my policy, so i decided i would cancel the policy. This had to come from corporate for my refund and i only received $49.99 for 20 days of un- insured, insurance. :(

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File a complaint with your state's Dept of Insurance. They may be able to assist you.

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We have this insurance for over 28 years but seem to notice their action/investigation against their own customers who have paid premium in thousands. They intrude into pay to pay a little per day while sick from accident injury but then do it pay by saying that you were receiving 20% of ur pay form TDI do they won't pay.

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Sate farm don't commit fraud? It 'a big lie, When you get accident and both sides are covered by statefarm, what they do , they said In case no witness no police report they follows their policy ,It means 50/50 both sides have to pay deductible, Claim team 22 did very good job because it reduce the amount they have to pay.No responsibilitis to customers,They ignore damage evidence on the car or they don't know what to do.

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The comments above are not typical of any insurance company's practices. Most auto policies state that if you are involved in a collision with another person who is also insured by the same company, they will WAIVE the deductible.

Whether you are at fault or not, is a completely different determination. If it cannot be conclusively shown who was at fault, then each party would pay for their own damages.

It does not prevent you from suing the other person and having a judge or jury decide who, if anyone, was at fault.

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Most auto policies state that if you are involved in a collision with another person who is also insured by the same company, they will WAIVE the deductible.

I'm not sure the policy states that (it could) but most carriers do this. It's done because it's easier to waive a $500 deductible rather then get sucked into a bad faith lawsuit for the very reason the prior poster mentions. Plus, it's a little odd when you are not at fault that your own carrier pays your claim less your deductible just to "recover" your deductible from themselves in order to refund it at a latter date. Combined with the above and it's simply just better business to waive everyone's deductible all together.

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Read my post for State Farm nightmate.

If it goes any longer I'm putting it on the local news and ill link a youtube feed.

A US Senator is one of the owners of the dealership that screwed me. Voting day is soon. :D

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