State Farm Complaints

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Hi, I'm from Miss. I'm here to share what happened between State farm insurance company & me in April this year. Me & my wife have been Katrina victims & we had filed federal lawsuits against State farm as they tried to prove that our home damages were the outcome of the storm surge & hence credited us with a little over $36k.

The federal judiciary had the opinion that State Farm are not guilty of procuring separate engineering reports to keep us away. But it was truly harsh how our damages have been turned down.
Most of the State Farm complaints would reflect their rejection of claims & the number of storm victims queuing up against state farm are increasing each day owing to their disbelief & fraudulent activities.

We had lost hopes while arguing about how State farm's involvement with an analysis & engineering co. had pro actively reduced the worth of wind damages done to our property. I'd still believe that this was an effect of their secret wish to reduce their liability towards my home owner's policy. What do you all think?

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