Health Insurance: Plans for Secured Healthcare

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Our health is precious and we do all sorts of things to keep ourselves healthy. We know how it feels to fall sick and if it is something serious, how expensive treatment can get. So that we are able to afford the right treatment and not worry about the costs getting health insurance is a good idea.

The rising cost of treatment is a matter of worry for a lot of us. If we have health insurance, it helps us plan ahead and also save for future treatment costs. We do not have to worry about bearing the expenses out of our pockets. Your need for insurance may be different from the needs of others. Hence, there are different health insurance plans to suit different needs.

Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans are primarily of 2 types -
  1. Indemnity Plans (fee-for-service)
    According to this plan, the insurance holder can choose the doctor he wants to be examined by. The doctor/medical professional receives a fee-for-service. This claim is made either by the doctor or the patient himself. Indemnity health insurance has several other types.
    • Indemnity health plans: As a policy holder you may go to any doctor, hospital or any other medical provider for a fixed monthly premium. You may choose the health care provider you want and the plan will reimburse you or your doctor for the service rendered. There may be a certain portion of deductible that you need to pay or simply bear a portion of the fee. Certain expensive services or hospital care or any covered services may require you to have prior authorization for them in order to be covered. To know if indemnity plans are better than HMOs or PPOs click here.

    • Flexible spending plans: This is also known as cafeteria plan and is sponsored by the employer allowing the employees to design their own package. There are several benefits for this plan like pre-tax conversion plan, multiple option pre-tax conversion plan, flexible spending accounts, medical plan and employer credit cafeteria plans.

    • Basic health plan: This is a low cost health insurance plan that provides limited benefits. These plans do not cover certain basic treatments and it is advisable that you should go through the policy document before purchasing. Premiums for such affordable health insurance plans are community rated and are based on gender, age, occupation, geographic location or health status.

    • Health Savings Accounts (HSA): This plan is designed to help you pay for your present health treatment costs and also save for future costs on a tax-free basis. You do not have to pay a premium here. Instead this tax-free account covers your out-of-pocket medical expenditure. What types of investment you should make, which third party or insurer you should rely on is completely your own decision. Generally, HSA requires you to buy a High Deductible Health Plan too.

    • High deductible health plan (HDHP): This inexpensive health plan is active only after a high deductible of a minimum $1000 is paid for an individual or $2000 is paid for a family.

  2. Top
  3. Managed Care Plan
    Managed care helps minimize unnecessary costs for healthcare. The policy holders receive extensive medical coverage while also giving financial incentives to the policy holders who opt for the medical providers listed in the policy. There are several types of managed care:
    • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): There is an already existing network of participating physicians, hospitals as well as other health care professionals and facilities that you can choose from. The doctor you choose from the given list will then provide you with the required health treatment. If you need to go to a specialist your primary care doctor will refer. Generally there is a fee or a co-payment that you need to pay in HMP plan. Your out-of-pocket are fewer here.

    • Point-of-service (POS): In this plan the primary care doctors usually have the freedom to refer other medical providers listed in the plan. If the referral is not from amongst the listed doctors, it will still be covered but then you need to pay a certain co-insurance. If the doctor is listed in the plan, then the plan provides coverage for the same.

    • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) : In this plan the listed doctors, hospitals and health care providers are paid by the insuring company. Often these payments are discounted and hence the costs will be lower if you choose a doctor from the network of doctors provided by the insurer. However, you may still go for a doctor outside the network but you will have to pay the difference between the medical provider's fees and what the plan pays.

    Other health insurance options

    Two of your other health insurance options may include:
    1. Self-insured health plans
      A self-insured health plan or self-funded plan is one where the employer assumes responsibility (with pre-conditions) to provide health care benefits for its employees. This plan is designed such that the employers pay for the out-of-pocket claim as and when they occur instead of depositing a fixed premium to an insurance providing company. Such a self insured plan is subject to all Federal laws and Budget Reconciliation Act.

    2. Medicare
      Medicare is a federal government program designed to insure senior citizens. You can avail the benefits provided by Medicare to secure your future.

    How insurance companies determine your coverage & rates?

    When you apply for a health insurance, your application has to undergo the insurance underwriting process. The underwriters evaluate how much of a risk you pose for the insurance company and accordingly approve or reject your application. Your rates and coverage limits are also determined if the application is approved.

    The following factors influence the health insurance rates of an individual:

    1. Age and gender of the person to be insured.
    2. Pre-existing conditions after a thorough check-up of the individual's medical history.
    3. Medical history of the family (whether or not the parents had heart disease, cancer etc.)
    4. Smoking habits of the individual.
    5. Previous records of mental health (whether the person had undergone counseling or used anti-depressants).
    6. Occupation.
    7. Choice of deductible, coverage and benefit limits, exclusions etc.
    8. Past records of health insurance applications.
    To know how the above mentioned factors have an effect on your health insurance costs, click here.

    Tips to buy affordable health insurance

    The premiums for medical insurance seem to be increasing every year. This leaves us with the question that how we can find affordable health insurance coverage that suits our pocket. It may seem very difficult but with a little research you can still look for a suitable health insurance plan. You may follow the 6 easy tips to choose a health policy which not only suits your needs, but also matches your pocket.
    1. Know your state rules: Be familiar with the rules that your state follows. This way you can make rational and mature decisions about your health insurance. Pay special attention to rules about pre-existing conditions (if any) and also about what coverage you will get.
    2. Find out your insurance needs: Knowing what type of health insurance coverage you need is important. You may need short term health insurance policy or a regular one depending on the status of your job and your family planning. Getting a cheap health insurance policy may not be the solution to all your problems. You will have to keep in mind the requirement that you have.
    3. Calculate the overall costs: Prepare a budget for yourself. Buying health insurance doesn't just mean paying premiums. There are co-payments, deductibles and also sometimes co-insurance. Keep all of these in mind when planning for your insurance.
    4. Compare your options: To be able to find an affordable health insurance you must have an idea of all what is available in the market. After you have shopped enough get hold of a broker who can help you in comparing the policies. A comparison between few different companies and their products will help you settle better with a policy.
    5. Do your insurance homework: You need to be acquainted with the jargons of the industry if you must find yourself a policy that suits you best. Do your homework; get your research done properly to be able to buy a suitable policy.
    6. Never conceal information: While doing the paper works you may have to answer a lot of questions. Don't be tempted to lie or hide facts. This will only create problems in the future for you, and raise your costs for health insurance.

    Individual Health Insurance vs. Employer Sponsored Insurance

    Most of you may have employer sponsored health insurance. But the number of people opting for individual health insurance is also increasing. This increase is due to the advantage that individual policies have over employer sponsored programs. They are:
    • Tailor-made coverage: Everyone has different health needs and individual health insurance recognizes it and provides policies to suit individual needs. Since the employer sponsored program is 'one-size-fits-all type, you may end up paying for coverage you don't need or not get a particular coverage that you may need.

    • Mobility of coverage: Unlike the employer sponsored insurance, you can still carry individual health insurance with you even if you are changing jobs.
    For more information click here.

    You must plan ahead to secure your future. With health insurance you can certainly prepare to face an undesirable situation arising from a medical condition.

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    24 year old Kipland Philip Kinkel was shifted today to Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI) In Salem in the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn.

    corrections officials say the transfer process "Was uneventful, He was bought at OSCI at 10:30 i am.

    His dad, william and Faith Kinkel, Were both Spanish tutors at local high schools. On may possibly 21st, 1998, Kinkel have arrived at class at Thurston, Murdering 2 of his class mates, Ben jogger and Mikael Nicklauson, And injuring 25. Kinkel had brought three weapons to the high school, an.22 caliber rifle, a trustworthy.22 caliber handgun, And a 9mm Glock semi automatic pistol. His case has become one of the standard case studies in profiling students who bring guns to school for purposes of murder, A prelude to the Columbine twelfth grade massacre. Kinkel was transferred pending his 25th birthday on August 30th.

    Kinkel, Who was in prison for multiple counts of murder and attempted murder with a firearm, Received a 111 year prison sentence in Lane County on November 2nd, 1999. His earliest copy date is in January 2110.

    Kinkel is said to have tweaked well to incarceration at MacLaren, Where he was engaged in both course of action and education.

    Officials say he will initially be housed in OSCI's general citizenry.

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    OSCI is a medium safety measure state prison located three miles east of Salem. The 895 bed facility provides housing and confinement for males serving sentences for felony prosecutions from all counties of Oregon.

    The prison ordinarily houses the Departments younger inmates, Including those waived to adult prison from juvenile centres.

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