What is wrong with Internet Leads? - Your opinion requested

by Alston » Fri May 18, 2007 04:39 pm
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I've been selling Internet leads to companies like iLeads and NetQuote for a couple of years now. They of course resell the leads to brokers.

I'm just about ready to sell leads directly to brokers and would like to know the biggest complaints brokers have about Internet leads. I'm in a financial position that will allow me to start slow and focus on quality, so if I can figure out a way to generate better leads I will.

I'd also like to know what you like about the companies that you deal with.

I still personally sell about 200 individual health contracts a year, so I'm familiar with sales from the agent's perspective as well.

Your opinion will be appreciated.


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Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 06:15 pm Post Subject:

Thats the great ideas you are selling the leads directly to broker It means you are becoming the company and broker will buy leads from you with less cost then iLeads and NetQuote.

I am not the insurance agent or broker but the main think I like to say there should not be scarcity of leads. Suppose I got some large amount of leads from you today and the very next day you will say me today I have no leads with me to sell that will be problematic for the broker.

And the second thing is that at first broker will not fully depend on your lead so for better performance you need to maintain broker and lead ratio properly.

Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 01:39 am Post Subject:

My biggest problem with the leads my company provides me, (which drove me to purchase leads from other companies...) Is that....
1. They are not current. I understand that the may be ready to renew, but when I call someone because they requested information on insurance and they tell me that was back in the year 2000, I get a little frustrated.
2. Leads are open and vauge. When I call someone, I want to know that they are ready to close the deal. They should not already have insurance, and I should know more about their current situation. What is their height and weight? How old are they? Do they have any pre-exsisting medical conditions? What are they looking for in an insurance policy. A ballpark figure of their monthly budget for the policy premium would be nice as well. If you are selling good leads to agents, contact me, I may be interested. Right now, my number one choice is NetQuote. They seem to have their heads straight as to what our needs are.
Lately I have been generating my own leads by visiting small businesses, introducing myself, and leaving a business card with them. If they are interested, I get their information. I take their business card no matter what. This was a very cost efficient way to generate leads before the rise in fuel prices. However, my schedule is becoming far to busy to continue this. Thats why I am looking into purchasing leads. If you can let me see what youv got, (If you have anything in my area) I would be interested in doing business with you.

Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 10:29 am Post Subject:

Hey Randy,
Have you looked at Hometownqoutes.com, or insureme.com?
Do you have your own web page set up to where you use Google adwords?
If so,use sayings like "surefire ways to save on your health insurance"
Generate a newsletter and send it to local businesses rather than having to drive around to each one personally.
Just a few thoughts.
Best of luck to you,

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What state are you in? Are you in the senior market? We are working on several lead generation opportunities for our agents that might fit your business plan very well.

Our internet lead program is emedsupp.com

We also have turning age 65 lists with and without phone numbers.

*Link deactivated as per forum rule

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Hi Industry Consultant,
Welcome to to our online insurance community. Fell free to introduce and share your insurance knowledge here

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:48 pm Post Subject: Re: Leads

Live transfers are the only way to go - Transfer Guru is the best!
blane2006@gmail.com -

*e-mail address edited for safety reason*

Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 02:56 pm Post Subject: QuickLowQuotes.com Maryland

Hey Randy,

What state are you in? Have you looked at QuickLowQuotes.com? They only do Maryland by I have found their lead quility unmatched.
They can shop for car, auto, home, and homeowner's insurance. I have found they can give people the lowest quote in Maryland.
QuickLowQuotes.com boosted my sales almost 20% this one month.

Best of luck to you,

Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 11:48 am Post Subject:

I am in maryland and we have used netquote and quotesauction.
The problems we have are not good quality leads
they are sold too much also
We buy P&C leads
peter I will check out quicklowquotes.com. has anyone else used them and had a good success rate with the leads?

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 05:09 am Post Subject:

The Real problem with internet leads is the overall how and why they are generated.

Most of the major lead companies generate leads through their own sites and affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs alow people who have a relevant website to put a link from their website to a landing page of a lead company. In return they are paid for any leads generated through their link. This does not cause the problem initailly because the lead companies check the initial website for relevancy.

The problem starts once a web designer is issued a link. Once this link is issued, they can move these links to any site they have and these sites can be totally unrelated to insurance. Many times they will disguise these links as pop ups.

To make matters worse, some of these web designers have been issued affiliate links to many different companies and instead of having a direct link to a lead company, they employ a generic form which when filled out can be submitted to several companies at once.

So some prospects are called by 10+ lead companies before the first agent even calls, then they could be called by 50+ agents.

On top of this, many people seeking insurance through the internet have some reason for searching that might make them uninsurable.

If you are looking for a good lead company, look for one that does not have an affiliate program. The best one I ever found was one who cold called small businesses. These were always people who would never go on the internet to look for insurance...


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Are there any rules around here? Or can spammers just post anywhere they please?

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