Final expense insurance: Be independent throughout your life

by freshmoor39 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 05:50 pm

You may have been independent all your life and in the future too would like to take care of your needs. Sudden death in the family can leave everyone perturbed. No one is usually prepared for such an incident. A final expenses insurance may be of help in times of need.

Final expenses insurance covers the cost of burial and other unexpected expenditures. In the event of death of a loved one, you may not always be prepared financially to bear the expenses associated with the incident. If you have invested in final expenses insurance, you can take care of the final costs as your loved ones had wished.

What are the benefits offered by final expenses insurance?

A typical final expenses insurance offers fixed premiums throughout the life of the policy.
  • Simplified underwriting: There are no hassles when buying final expenses insurance as the underwriting process is simple and you will have no difficulty understanding.
  • Easy qualification: The qualifying age in this insurance is 0 to 85 years.

With final expenses insurance may include:
  • Expenses related to medical purposes,
  • Your mortgage bills
  • Any auto insurance loan that you may have
  • Coverage for your credit card bills
  • House rent
  • Funeral expenses
  • Cemetery Plot
  • Hearse
  • Minister
  • Legal fees

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need some good info on selling final expense by phone . Are there final expense insurance companies that have an electronic form for agents that don't charge an arm and a leg for the final expense leads ? Please tell how to sell final expense insurance in a cost effective manner.

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Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:56 am Post Subject:


You could try to sell it to those senior people who sound absolutely confident over the phone.

We all would reach an age when we won't be so much physically active. Even when a senior customer is not being able to comprehend with us...we should have the patience to explain it to him. We may ask for a better time so that we may call him back and explain our service in the presence of those who're looking after him.


Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 02:03 pm Post Subject:


I think it's more important to listen to them before you pour out your words.
I've seen agents talking more and the senior guy repeating his views time and again. We should be more polite and courteous towards them. Once we'd listen with patience, we'd be able to identify their problems or queries.


Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 04:11 pm Post Subject:

Just wanted all to know, if you need the Loyal American/UTA contract I've got it. I have many others also if you're in need of anything. By the way, I always give out above street contracts! :D

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 02:30 pm Post Subject:

Todd, what kind of support do you offer? Do you offer leads or training? Do you have a website that I can learn more about you from?
How long have you been selling insurance?

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 07:00 pm Post Subject:

Todd, what kind of support do you offer? Do you offer leads or training? Do you have a website that I can learn more about you from?
How long have you been selling insurance?

Because I give out high contracts I don't offer free leads. However, I have deals in certain places that allow my agents to get deals like $335/1000 mail drops, $6 dialer leads, etc.

As for training, it depends on what market you need and how much training you actually need. I would have to talk with you to find out.

I've been in the industry 12 years now.

You can go to to my partner website. You can also call me anytime you like.

Posted: Sat May 30, 2009 02:14 pm Post Subject: Final Expense Telesales

Just to add my two cents. I've been in the under age Health Insurance business and for many years a financial planner for Seniors.

I was tired of driving sometimes 300 or more miles in a day to appointments (In Colorado through the Mountains) and the high cost of leads, the no shows, etc. etc. we've all been there.

So Sept '08 I ran across a gentleman by accident that had been running a phoneroom for Final Expense Telesales. After 2 yrs of perfecting his system, He was shutting down his call center and was bringing on agents Nationwide to work from home or office.

These folks have thought of absolutely everything and have just a phenominal platform setup. Practically unlimited leads, the only contact management system of it's kind, ongoing weekly training so you have access to the top producers, word for word scripts they have used to sell 1,000's of policies over the last 3 yrs. You can send in recordings of your calls and they will give you guidance on how to improve your selling. They are even looking to set up a predictive dialer.

My only weekly expense with these guys is 292 bucks and I have access to, as of this writing, 4,532 total Leads. 114"A" leads that are less than 30 days old. My sales come from a mixure of "A" leads and "B" leads.

If anyone is wondering if it's better to sell final expense face to face or over the phone... I will say over the phone without a doubt. However it only works if you can get good quality final expense leads and have access to a lot of them.

The Ave lead in this industry is $25-35 per lead. Auto dialer leads are on their way out. Many States they are illegal and soon the other states will most likely follow so beware of dialer leads no matter what anyone tells you... we learned the hard way and were fined a huge amount!

My day looks like this. I wake up. Get a cup of coffee. Go to my home office and click on my computer and go to our contact management system where all the A and B leads are. I do a search through the 4,500 leads for the state I feel like calling and click the first lead. All the info is there Name, Address, age... it's all paperless.

I then start calling. If no one is there I click a button and it takes me to the next lead. I have a comfy chair and a headset and away I go. We have access to so many leads I don't feel the pressure to sell everyone of them.... I just burn through them to find buyers. When I make a sale I don't have to ever touch a piece of paper. We 3 way the client to the company and they answer health questions, give bank info and verbal signature and that's it...I get paid in about 2-3 days. I personally send all my clients a welcome pack that includes a letter, A picture of me and my family, and a planning guide.

With final expense telesale you have no boundaries. Since Sept I have clients in MN, WI, WV, VA, OH, MI, and my home state CO. And if you ask me people prefer to buy over the phone. No 75 year old lady wants a 6foot 250lb agent stopping by her house a 7pm at night.

Doing this now for 9 months I realize I would not want to do Final Expense face to face. I have not one expense other than unlimited phone ($33/mo), internet access ($33/mo), and my weekly lead cost to be apart of the system I'm apart of which is just about $300/wk. Write 1 app and my weekly expenses are covered. No other costs. I spend my whole day selling rather than setting appointments and driving.

Here's the key also after being very successful doing this the last 9 months, you need to work with the right people, have access to the right system (tons of leads) and you need access to ongoing training to hone your selling skills.

You also have to be able to sit in a chair and make the calls. At first it was hard for me to sit and make calls. Most agents aren't successful selling insurance on the phone or face to face because they aren't willing to work. That's why most agents are always on the verge of being broke... they don't work like they should. It's usually not the system but the agent making excuses.

If I wasn't working with the system i'm working with I would be dead in the water and would never have started selling final expense over the phone. Final Expense Telesales does work but you have to work with the right people and system to keep lead cost as low as possible so you can actually make money.

Sorry for rambling. Just wanted to let those wondering if final expense telesales works or not that it does in the right situation. In the wrong situation lead cost will be high which means you can't afford to have that many leads which means you will set yourself up for failure.

Have a great day!

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 01:36 am Post Subject: FE insurance

Bluerinho92 do you have non resident licenses in all those states you sell in, or don't you need a license to sell FE?

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:10 am Post Subject:

Hi bluerhino,

If anyone is wondering if it's better to sell final expense face to face or over the phone... I will say over the phone without a doubt.

Your above statement is really interesting. I have come across many agents who have confirmed that selling face-to-face is easier than convincing the client over the phone.

In the telephonic conversation you can't actually see the reactions of the prospect and therefore agents prefer to sell in person.

Why you particularly think that selling over the phone should be the preferred way?

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:27 pm Post Subject: Final Expense Telesales

I do have Non res in those states and yes you need a license to sell's just a made up word for life insurance. We are licensed in those states since it only cost about $200 to get a non res in those states and we have a very unique mailer we use that pulls about 4%-8% returns per 1,000 in the places we mail.

And Jeremy as far as selling face to face compared to over the phone....

All I ever did was face to face so when I sat in my seat and started to call I had a mental block that it was going to be harder. It's not and truthfully if a person has a decent personality they should find it the same.

As with face to face you have those grumpy people that seem as though they get up on the wrong side of the bed everyday, you run across that on the phone as well. The big difference is I didn't have to drive a 1/2 hr, 1hr, or 2 hrs to the appointment and realize I can't sell them or warm up to them... I just dial my next lead.

Once you get comfortable on the phone you can create that same connection you can as if you were sitting at their table. It's a different kind of skill but you also needed a script that has been tested and perfected. One of the agents who developed the script and technique we use sold about 500 policies in a 1 yr period. He had never been in sales, never sold insurance and never sold in the field. A good script to follow is as important as being personable on the phone to gain a clients trust.

Again you run across the same things you do face to face as you do on the phone except you are more productive because you move on to your next lead instead of sitting in your car til your next appointment or drive home empty handed.

There are just so many advantages selling over the phone compared to face to face that missing that one here and there because you weren't sitting at their table and seeing their facial expression doesn't affect you.

And besides just because you can see their reactions or facial expressions doesn't mean you are going to walk out with the check!

I'd rather make 4-8 presentation a day because I can get to more people on the phone than make 8 presentation a week meeting people face to face because that's all the appointments I could make on monday for the week.

Personally, I'd rather be sitting with the folks at there table however I would be so limited to my area. I have no limits on the phone and literally no expenses cutting into my profits. I have 50 states I can help people in and I never have to drive anywhere.

Selling on the phone does take some getting use to it but if you are good at creating relationships in the home face to face you will do just fine on the and be more productive.

Happy Selling!


Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 04:56 am Post Subject:

The big difference is I didn't have to drive a 1/2 hr, 1hr, or 2 hrs to the appointment and realize I can't sell them or warm up to them... I just dial my next lead.

Okay bluerhino92. But don't you think that its important from the customer's point of view to know their agent in person?

Can you clear all their doubts over the phone? And, by what percentage you sales have improved since you've started dialing?

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