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Hi, I'm from Miss. I'm here to share what happened between State farm insurance company & me in April this year. Me & my wife have been Katrina victims & we had filed federal lawsuits against State farm as they tried to prove that our home damages were the outcome of the storm surge & hence credited us with a little over $36k.

The federal judiciary had the opinion that State Farm are not guilty of procuring separate engineering reports to keep us away. But it was truly harsh how our damages have been turned down.
Most of the State Farm complaints would reflect their rejection of claims & the number of storm victims queuing up against state farm are increasing each day owing to their disbelief & fraudulent activities.

We had lost hopes while arguing about how State farm's involvement with an analysis & engineering co. had pro actively reduced the worth of wind damages done to our property. I'd still believe that this was an effect of their secret wish to reduce their liability towards my home owner's policy. What do you all think?

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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 06:19 am Post Subject: state farm complaints

Hey..I believe you're pointing out to the Scruggs Katrina I right?

Do you know how the attorneys associated with the Scruggs have been intimidated not to represent any other policy holder like you through any such lawsuit against State Farm regarding such damages caused by the storm. Hope you know about I right! -MystateAgent829

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I'd sincerely believe that your lawsuit would cause considerable damage to the insurer's reputation in terms of faith & dependency. But I have serious doubts whether it holds good in terms of considering it as a fraud case!

I say this when I have heard & read about how your attorney was involved in another fraud case involving a forgery of quite a large no. of storm damage reports. As far I remember such payments have been termed as 'illegal'.
At least thats all I gotta believe..


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Hi..don't you think the $36000 that you achieved from them was worth it!
Why don't you understand that it has merely been looked down as wind-water hazard & it is beyond any possibility of being framed as a State Farm fraud. See, again your attorney didn't appear to answer to the press following the legal proceedings.
Now what!

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 09:46 pm Post Subject: state farm complaints

Like a good neighbor,
State Farm is there.

Sorry, that didn't add anything to the discussion.

I can't even spell P&C...

Properly and Casually?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 06:03 am Post Subject:

Well..a couple of years back.. I'd come across a personal injury case at the wall street...that clearly stated how State Farm had been cruel with an 80 year old (that struck a $2,50,000 verdict against the poor consumer) & soon got sued for $26 million in return. The carrier even got branded for being callous & that's bad luck for the carrier! I'm sure it would be clearer once we go through more of state farm complaints.

Instances like this might push you to find an alternative in ALLSTATE.
What do ya think!

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 09:53 pm Post Subject: state farm insurance

i reciently had a small problem with state farm insurance. i recived a cancellation notice because i refused to pay a $3.00 monthly add on charge. i found out later that insurance co's will penialize you for not paying in advance or giving them access to your bank acc. i belive , a vender like state farm does not have the right to blackmail policl holders. as a vender/ they supply a product, i approve it and pay them accordingly. my wife and i are old school , send us a monthly bill and we'll write a check and pay it. i belive in today's econony anyone who pays in advance for any product is asking to loose their money. state farm may go belly up tomorrow, with your quaterly or yearly payment in their pocket. let state farm do as they ask us to. the upper level mgr's should write a check for say $10.000 to their power co. because we all trust everyone, state farm will be assured the power co will deduct the proper amount every month , and notifi them when the money is getting a little low. thats what the are asking us to do. pay in advance and trust us. sorry state farm i will replace you with a new vendor. you can say goodby to acc # 1082-6655-22. we no longer need your services. robert w hennis

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 07:40 pm Post Subject: 50 accidents

I have seen myself close calls and real accidents at this one place,last one suv rolled over last week.I went to my agent said something needed to be done about this and i was told they cant do nothing now this was early sumer 09 i went there.
Got same story when i asked about tree in the back of house thats not mine we cant do nothing but if it falls we will pay dont make sence to me so if i dont get heard i will make myself heard how KNOW ONE CARES at state farm. and iam sure there was state farm clients in those accidents.

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 08:12 pm Post Subject: car accident

i was in a car accident back in march inside a circle got hit on rear drivers door at the time i was sick with cold and have been coughing to were my back hurt from so of it,so i told the police officer that.
well the next day my lower back hurt so bad i thought it was kidney stones with to hosp they also thought the samething but it wasnt it was just my back state farm refused to pay for anything not even $80.00 when i had to go to doctor about my back.
iam still in pain and on fixed income but i do get pain pils from my doctor i have full coverage ant feed back from anyone thanks

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 05:07 am Post Subject: Total loss

I reently lost my home to a fire in Oct, 2009 and was scared to dealth that I would have problems dealing with State Farm after reading all the complaints about them, but it turn out that the team that I had working with me were great, I never had any problems collecting my insurance monies and they jump right in the night of the fire, they put my family and I up in a nice room and help me in any way that they could. I feel alot of it has to do with the agents themselves because if you have a legitmate claim I can't see why they would step up to the plate and take care of you claims. I really wish that all insurance agents were as helpful as my's were, " Like A GOOD NEIGHBOR" state farm was there.

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 08:27 pm Post Subject: Good service with an outrageous high price

Texas - We have been fortunate that we have only had a couple of claims made on our homeowner's policy with State Farm, both prior to 2005. The first claim was processed quickly and we were quite happy. The second time, State Farm advised that only a portion of our roof needed to be replaced even though the roofing company said the entire roof needed replacing. After meeting with the roofing company and getting up on the roof of the house, State Farm's adjuster quickly agreed that the entire roof needed replacing. Fast forward to 2010. Our new homeowner's premium for 2010 is 22% higher than last years. An announcement was made last week that State Farm is requesting an additional 4% increase. Though we agree that our experience in servicing claims through State Farm has been positive, we are paying through the roof for what should be expected customer service.

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